Eyecare Services

Primary Eyecare In Oklahoma City

Comprehensive Eye Care services from the simplest prescription needs to complex medical cases that require multiple medical disciplines to work together towards the best possible outcome for the patient, we are prepared to help you with over 75 years of eye care experience.

Comprehensive Eye Care

Eye care in Oklahoma City

We have decades of experience in all aspects of primary  and surgical eye care.  Your  eyes and vision are as important to us and they are to you. Our goal is to help you maintain the best possible ocular health and help treat an damage any ocular disease you may encounter. 

Comprehensive Primary Eye Care

We offer evaluations for patients of all ages for any ocular condition. Glasses, Contact lenses, LASIK, Eye drops for Presbyopia, Cataract Surgery, Diabetic care, Plaquenil Evaluations, Neuro-Ophthalmic evaluations..we have seen about everything in serving Oklahoma City for 50 plus years. 

Macular Degeneration

One of the most common retinal diseases that occurs with increased incidence with aging.  Dry Macular Degeneration needs to be monitored over time to watch for potential change to the wet form.  We will counsel you on proper nutrition that may help slow progression.  The Wet form of macular degeneration is a treatable form and timely evaluation and treatment is important to limit retinal damage and maintain vision.

Contact Lens Service

We are excited to offer new lens technology which offers patients better comfort, wear time and better vision. Most importantly,we fit lenses which we believe offer the best options to maintain the best possible corneal and ocular surface health and limit the risk of adverse event.

Emergency Eye Care

Sudden loss of vision, sudden eye pain, red eyes, double vision, loss of side vision, headache associated with eye pain or vision loss,  or sudden onset of spots and floaters are only a few cases of ocular emergencies that require immediate evaluation. We will see you the same day if you have these symptoms. Call our office immediately. 405-749- 4280

Dry Eye

Dry eyes are one of the most common concerns our patients have.  Many red eyes are often dry eye mistaken for infection or allergy and previously treated inappropriately.   We have the clinical experience to determine if your ocular irritation is indeed dry eye or another condition causing ocular inflammation.


There are many new advancements in the  treatment of Glaucoma. Glaucoma is a silent blinding disease and detected through pressure measurements and more importantly careful observation and evaluation of the optic nerve. Treatment is still directed at lowering intraocular pressure. Advancements include injectable drugs, intraocular drainage stents, SLT laser, generic combination medications. Treatment is patient dependent and different for each individual.


Patients who have diabetes should have a dilated retinal exam to screen for possible diabetic retinopathy. The earlier retinopathy changes are found the  earlier treatment can be initiated to limit the risk of permanent vision loss. Strict blood sugar control, as well as control of blood pressure and lipids can help limit diabetic retinopathy.

Eyedrops for Presbyopia

This is an exciting pharmaceutical development that has been shown to improve near focusing and near vision in those in their 40’s who need reading glasses! These drops may prevent the need for reading glasses! We are excited to be able to offer our patients this option and the freedom from glasses or contact lenses it may provide.