Eyecare Services

Emergency Eye Care Services in Oklahoma City.

Accidents happen, and sometimes your eyes are involved.  We are here to help you.

We can make sure your your eyes are treated appropriately according to the standard of care.

Emergency Eyecare at Mercy Hospital In Oklahoma City.

Emergency Eye Care

We are available during the week, after office hours, on weekends, and have coverage for our patients through other eye care providers if we are not available, if you feel you have an ocular emergency. If you are an established patient of our office and feel you have an emergent condition please call us directly, instead of going to an ER, seeing your primary care physician or going to a quick clinic. We have decades of  experience and the knowledge to treat all forms of ocular emergency, eye injuries and sudden loss of vision. 

Ocular emergencies can involve any degree of loss of vision, double vision, eye pain, or  ocular trauma. Any contact lens wearer who has a painful, red eye should also call us immediately. Patients who have recently undergone cataract surgery, or other surgical procedure and have a change in their post-operative course or symptoms should also call immediately. There are obviously many other circumstances and conditions that may warrant immediate examination, so if you feel like you have a problem please do not hesitate to call, we will likely see you the same day.