Eyecare Services

Restoring near vision with eye drops in Oklahoma City.

An exciting advancement in vision care is the use of pharmaceuticals to improve near vision. We are excited to be able to offer new eye drops to help patients improve their near vision and reduce  the need for reading glasses or multi-focal lenses.

Eyedrops to help near vision in Oklahoma City

Eyedrops for Presbyopia

This is truly an exciting development for those patients over the age of 40 who just need reading glasses.  Presbyopia is defined as the reduced ability of the eye to focus on small objects at near. This is typically related to the natural aging process of the eye.

Eye drops have now been developed to help the eye focus without the need for reading glasses. These drops are not for everyone and not everyone is a candidate for these, but for those who are candidates, they may indeed allow for near vision without the aid of reading glasses.