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Physicians Optical, Modern Luxury Eyewear in Oklahoma City

Physicians Optical has been the leader in Modern Luxury Eye wear in Oklahoma City for almost  30 years.  Leading the way with independent European and American brands, many handmade , many customizable, and most made in smaller production numbers.  We strive to carry all the brands you would NEVER see at the mall or in another doctor’s office!  We pair these with the latest digital lens technology and coatings to  provide  you the best possible vision.   

Oklahoma's Leader in Unique Modern Eyewear

We love unique eye wear. Eye wear that stands out, that is edgy,  and solidly designed out of quality materials, whether it be wood, titanium, horn, stainless steel or Japanese or Italian acetate.  We carry smaller Independent brands, check out our other site, for a full listing of our brands we stock.   What does “independent brands” mean?  That means we carry brands that  are  smaller, passionate, and are more focused on quality and craftsmanship and aren’t making decisions to please stockholders.

We carry brands that AREN’T owned by that optical behemoth you may have seen the story about on 60 minutes!! What we are also passionate about is professional service and guiding you and educating you on what lens options best serve your visual needs.  We recently opened another store, a sister store if you will, in downtown Oklahoma City in automobile alley, Forma, Optics and Art. This  store has a different feel, it is a gallery space and we feature brands that we do not carry at Physicians Optical. You can also find some of the  most unique art in the City. Check out our Instagram @formaopticsart or our Facebook Page, Forma, Optics and Art for more insight!

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