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Contact Lens Service in Oklahoma City

Contact Lenses have come a long way in the last few decades!  New contact lens materials have superior properties to older materials and that translate to superior comfort and vision.

Virtually ALL prescriptions can be corrected with a contact lens. We are leading the way in Oklahoma City fitting the latest contact lens technology to benefit our patients vision and ocular health. 

Leaders in Contact Lens technology in Oklahoma City

Contact Lens Service

Contact lens technology has come a very long way these last 20 years!   Contact lens materials and design are far better then in the past. The result in much better comfort and vision through the day.  Virtually any and all prescriptions can be corrected with contact lenses. Comfort and dry eye is much better with modern materials then in the past. Our practice philosophy is one day disposable lenses usually offer the best comfort and are the safest to wear on a daily basis. The risk of a corneal infection is very small with one day disposable lenses (but not zero) and this is an important variable when choosing how we fit patients. One day disposable lenses are available for most all prescriptions including astigmatism and multi-focals.

New contact lens technology also includes lenses that change and darken when exposed to the sunlight (like transitions spectacle lenses). New contact lens technology and materials have made it easier then ever for patients to have good comfortable vision all day!