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Amniotic Membrane Grafts in Oklahoma City.

Amniotic membrane is a sterile biologic tissue that has been used as a graft for corneal and conjunctival reconstruction in a variety of ocular surface diseases. It is avascular and possesses anti-angiogenetic, anti-scarring and anti-inflammatory properties. 


An Alternative treatment for sevree dry eye patients, corneal injuries and infections.

Amniotic Membrane Grafts

 Amniotic Membrane grafts have been a wonderful adjunct treatment for very severe dry eye, corneal injuries and burns,  corneal degenerations and we have many patients benefit from their use.  The amniotic membrane can also be used as a biologic patch, as a bandage, to treat acute inflammatory disorders. 

The dry Amniotic membranes we use are comprised of placental extracellular matrices (ECM) that have been donated by consenting mothers during full-term, healthy caesarean section deliveries. These ECMs are known to contain growth factors, such as Epidermal Growth Factor and Transforming Growth Factor ß-1, which promote epithelial healing and exert anti-inflammatory as well as anti-angiogenic effects, respectively. By utilizing the ECM’s native properties, the TRIAD  Ocular Graft encourages healing by providing a biological bandage for the injury while minimizing the risk of an inflammatory response.